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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie


This semi-autobiography book easily became one of my favorite inspiring novel of all time! It is so inspiring and motivating to the point where it puts everyone “claiming to have a hard life” to shame. Alexie meshes tragedy with comedy and takes you through this emotional journey of  a struggling native indian teenager’s life, and obstacles (bullying, racisim, etc) he goes through to escape his world.

The book has its tragic moments where you instantly fall in love with Junior, the Native Indian teenager, however, it has its comedic moments too. I will not get into details but I STRONGLY recommend you read this book. You will not regret it.

Even though I know the novelist will not read my blog, however, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for inspiring me to be a better version of myself.

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The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Gibran is one of those poets that I have heard of A LOT. I am embarrassed to say that I knew absolutely nothing about him except that he was originally from Lebanon. I have always thought that people where exaggerating when describing Gibran’s writings. That is probably why I was discouraged to read anything by him.

After years of ignorance, I have finally read The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Now, I comprehend why people admire this poet.

Even though I am not a fan of reading poetry, I utterly fell in love with “The prophet”. Reading this book was like getting notes on how to live and appreciate life. Gibran dabbled on various daily life issues, such as love, work, joy and sorry, etc. His writing was incredibly unique. To me, it felt like Gibran possessed a magical pen. So whenever Gibran wrote something, it was like the ink was dripping talent and originality.

I find it extremely difficult to summarize this book.  Let me just say this, the book is timeless, and the poet is/was a genius!


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Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Few months ago, a friend of mine suggested that I should read Life of PI. Looking at the cover of the book, I felt discouraged.

This book is a fantasy adventure novel, written by Yann Martel, a Canadian author. It started off slowly. Since I had no idea what was the book about, I was distracted a couple of times, up to the point where the author introduced religions to the lead character “Pi”. I loved how the author tackled religions’ issues in a respectable manner. I thought the book was going to revolve around Pi and his beliefs in the three religions (Hindu, Christianity, and Islam) but it was not.

The most interesting part of the book was the adventure part, where Pi gets stuck with the animals. Martel successfully managed to grab my attention as he describes Pi’s struggle to survive.

At times, it felt as if the author was stretching the storyline when it could have been short yet dazzling.

As a positive person, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Life of Pi. I admire Martel for using faith as a source of survival.

Can’t wait to see the movie!


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The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto


“The Hidden Messages in Water” sounded like a boring title to me. If it wasn’t for a friend of mine, I wouldn’t have even considered holding the book let alone read it but I’m glad I did.

Dr. Emoto effortlessly managed to convince me with visuals and simple words on how water is easily affected by human words, emotions, thoughts, music,,,, and well basically EVERYTHING. This book is filled with stunning illustrations of crystals (frozen water) taken from various locations, exposed to different environment, and different music. The results showed that (frozen water) crystals shine in a clean, positive environment and since we are made of about 70% water, we somehow react like water.

“Water has a message for the world: The world is linked together by love and gratitude.”- Dr. Masaru Emoto

The Hidden Messages in Water is an eye opener. It takes you to a new unexplored world of secrets. I highly recommend you this book.


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The Way of the Bow by Paulo Coelho


If you are interested in archery lessons as well as aquiring a brief lecture on self improvement, then The Way of the Bow is the book for you. Coelho cleverly hits two birds with one stone in this manual book through a short tale.

The tale revolves around Tetsuya, the best archer of the country, educating a curious boy on the importance of intuition, flexibility, concentration, and tranquility in our daily lives through archery.

Although I am not a fan of reading short instructions books, I bizarrely enjoyed this one. Bare in mind that this is not your typical Paulo Coelho book.


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The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

What do you get when you mesh two tales pleasantly?
The Forty Rules of Love!

This novel starts with Ella, an unhappily married American wife, who’s life changes as she reads ‘Sweet Blasphemy’ as part of her assignment for the literary agent. Sweet Blasphemy is a novel centered around the 13th century, about Shams a spiritual instructor and his encounter with a Sufi named Rumi.

The Forty Rules of Love is one of the most educational, spiritual book I have ever came across. In this appealing novel, Shafak managed to demonstrate that spirituality and religion are not distinctive in a provocative yet sophisticated manner.


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The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner’s irresistible curiosity of happy nations, triggered his quest to explore new worlds. Within a span of a year, Weiner managed to live in ten countries to determine the causes of happiness. In order to comprehend happiness, he traveled to spots with happy nations as well as grumpy nations.

“Happiness is just around the corner. The trick is finding the right corner.” stated Weiner right before starting his search for happiness.

It was interesting to see how Weiner starts the chapter of the grumpy nation Moldova with a quote from a German philosopher “because they feel unhappy, men cannot bear the sight of someone they think is happy.” With Moldova, the reader gets to sense misery and recognize the elements of happiness that were missing. Moldova, the former Soviet Union was a nation that was part of a culture. A nation that could afford to do many things till the day they declared their liberation. “Hot means nothing without cold” That is how Moldovans realized they were once happy.

Usually, those kind of books are not my cup of tea. However, Weiner’s smartly written book grips you in a blissful ride from the first chapter. Weiner documents his memoir in a humorous laid back style making this book entertaining.



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