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Contemplating Life


Just wanted to share this picture with you. It was a sunny weekend and the weather was fantastic!


I was physically exhausted but  when I reached Lago di Martignano, I felt energized and alive 🙂

Sometimes, being away from the crowd and contemplating life in a peaceful, beautiful area, gives you perspective on life. We all need that to prioritize our time, ourselves, and our lives. Once we achieve that, we become unstoppable!

A wise man once said

“everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”


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The older, the grumpier?


A couple of days ago, my friend and I were discussing growing up and how we change with time. As we were having coffee, we discussed how our relationships with our friends changed with time. I have noticed that in my early twenties I have always went with my friends descisions. I have always did what they wanted me to do. Regardless of what I have felt. Now it is a whole different story. I am more comfortable with myself. I keep listening to what my heart and brain tell me. If I feel stressed or tired I would not do any favors or anything for anyone. Just to make sure that I don’t feel worse. Sue me for taking care of myself 😉 The older we get, the more assertive we become. That is what we have concluded from our lengthy discussion. Do you agree?

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Fashion Humour


Last weekend, at Montepulciano, I saw this humorously, smartly marketable store that makes hand made shoes. “Fashion is a former of ugliness that is so intolerable that they are forced to change it every 6 months.” whoever came up with this is a genius.

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Weekend Getaway in Italy!

view from the balcony!

Roaming around Positano

Amalfi Coast – Balcony View

Weekend Getaway in Italy!

Ravello, Positano, and Amalfi Coast are one of the most mesmerizing, breathtaking places I have ever seen!

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Progress on my bucket list

As I was going through my old posts, I came across a bucket list that I have created a couple of months ago. I am proud to say that I can cross something out from that list. It seems that I have unawarely inspired some of my friends to change their habits and improve their lifestyles. How did that happen? I guess my optimism had something to do with that 😉

Since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with learning foreign languages. Working for an international oil company gave me the opportunity to not even learn Italian but work in Rome for a long term assignment. Three months ago, I did not even know italian numbers and now I can engage in a basic (simple) conversation. I can see progress. Hopefully sometime next year I will be fluent and move on to learning Spanish language 😉

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A trip to remember……….Malaysian Summer (2007)

A trip to remember..........Malaysian Summer (2007)

I cannot wait to visit Malaysia again!

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