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Mean but funny!

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The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner’s irresistible curiosity of happy nations, triggered his quest to explore new worlds. Within a span of a year, Weiner managed to live in ten countries to determine the causes of happiness. In order to comprehend happiness, he traveled to spots with happy nations as well as grumpy nations.

“Happiness is just around the corner. The trick is finding the right corner.” stated Weiner right before starting his search for happiness.

It was interesting to see how Weiner starts the chapter of the grumpy nation Moldova with a quote from a German philosopher “because they feel unhappy, men cannot bear the sight of someone they think is happy.” With Moldova, the reader gets to sense misery and recognize the elements of happiness that were missing. Moldova, the former Soviet Union was a nation that was part of a culture. A nation that could afford to do many things till the day they declared their liberation. “Hot means nothing without cold” That is how Moldovans realized they were once happy.

Usually, those kind of books are not my cup of tea. However, Weiner’s smartly written book grips you in a blissful ride from the first chapter. Weiner documents his memoir in a humorous laid back style making this book entertaining.



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